15 Jan

Portugal is a blessed country. Period!

Its history is fascinating and unique. In the age of discovery Portugal often led the race around the globe, venturing into the unknown and coming back with numerous riches. Indeed Portugal staked its claim on many countries across countless continents. Not bad for what is a very small country!

Whatever the historical rights or wrongs, Portugal made its mark. Its it’s a shame that too many tourists just think ‘Algarve’ when asked about Portugal. Yes, the Algarve is wonderful; with its warm waters and cove after cove of beach – but there’s far more to this ’titchy’ little country at the most south westerly point of the European community.

Lisbon, like any capital city, throbs with energy. Developed around its maritime past, its full of architectural gems and being on the coast so close to some of the best surfing beaches in Portugal. It’s surrounded by national park, the beautiful coastal resorts of Estoril and Cascais and the atmospheric Sintra with its outstanding castles and palaces.

If you’re in Lisbon (and we hope you come visit soon), then a day tour from Lisbon to Sintra is an absolute must do! With over 200 hectares to explore, villages, castles and palaces – Sintra really is like nothing you’ve seen before. Hundreds, if not thousands of tree species, fauna and flora give way to wonderful palaces hidden deep within.

Tales of wealth past, decadence and shear sumptuous passion underpin the Sintra experience.

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You won’t be disappointed.